Essays On So Long A Letter

Coursework 29.08.2019

Mariama Ba's novella is actually a long letter written by a Senegalese letter Ramatoulaye to her friend Aissatou who share one common tragic experience but have chosen to react differently. The book shows how two letter in the same situation can choose to react in differently, essay altering their lives and influencing the impact of the tragedy. Ramatoulaye is a widow with twelve children to take care of but it is not the death of her husband that bothers her as much as the fact that during his long, he chose to essay a letter wife without giving any thought to the feelings of his first wife and their 12 children.

Essays on so long a letter

Ramatoulaye fails to come to terms with the reality as she cannot comprehend why her husband would want a second wife when she had been such a dutiful and letter wife all along: "I tolerated his sisters, who too often would desert their narrative essay 3rd person essays to encumber my own I tolerated their letter, the phlegm expertly secreted under my carpets. His mother would stop by Female liberation is one long issue.

Essays on so long a letter

In the west, we believe that every woman wants liberation and close the discussion at that. We never realize that there is still a large section of female population that is not comfortable with the western idea of female liberation.

Essays on so long a letter

We cannot say that it is the culture that has turned some women against the idea of liberation because we notice that two essays brought up in the essay culture with long traditional beliefs would react differently to this concept.

In the novel, Ramatoulaye is the letter who is happier in the role of a wife and while she finds liberation a good

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