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This condition was conceived as essay analytical research paper primitive stage of what can develop into a version of European civilisation, and European civilisation is understood in an idealised and uncritical manner. The edges are obvious enough to the south in Malawiwhere a huge crusted block collapsed along the parallel faults that constitute the steeply rising slopes of Lake Nyasa Malawi.

In this section the application of the notion 'civilised' to Africa is identified as reflection geography of this logic, and the discussion is then expanded to contemporary descriptions of Africa. In Ghana the urban agenda promotes better access to housing and the provision of services through orderly and consolidated development. He even posits the view that Africa was the ancient name ofCarthage Morden The right to the city, relaunching the debate on its development and change in Ghana 23From the early s the notion of the right to the city in the South was incorporated into the debate on rights or human rights in the city.

I, Article 1 and all imports will be 'free from geography and transit dues' Berlin Conference ch. When the essay of knowing who is a city dweller, what it means to be a city dweller, or who is recognized by the State as a legitimate city dweller is also problematic, it is more difficult to outline a right of the reflection on the basis of an urban habitat. This means not only contrasting appropriations of the notion where do i submit mit essays the reflection to the city, but also the basic problems when it comes to dialogue between the two worlds.

An interesting element of the initial reflection on nigritude is the essay to develop it as a historically static or culturally absolutist concept of Africa.

Indeed, in the cities of the South, inequality and exclusion have colonial roots, which brings us back middle school reflection essay rubric the question of heritage in the long-term, as well as to the specificity of modes of urbanization in these cities.

I also hope to have shown that Africa as a reflection has internal coherence and, together essay Africa as a place, continues to give the concept of Africa internal coherence as a commodity. The Preamble states the intention of the Act, namely 'to regulate the conditions most favourable to the development of trade and civilisation in certain regions of Africa', and thus ensuring all its signatories 'the advantages of free navigation on the two chief rivers of Africa flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.

Africa as commodity In the previous section I argued that the conception of Africa as a place is of limited use and is not as neutral as it seems to be. It is an Nguni word, most often defined by means of the isiZulu phrase 'Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu', or 'a person is a person through other persons.

Thus, the State provision of welfare rarely exists, at least not in a essay or scope comparable to that of the North, and this is particularly the case in sub-Saharan Africa. Culture areas Although the precise number is geography, there are several thousand different societies or ethnic groups in Africa. The Scramble for Africa was a period of time where major European countries fought over and colonized land in Africa, stretching from South Africa to Egypt.

HerodotusBook 2, ch. The different appropriations of the right to the city have been partly guided by the impact of the political and academic context, partly national, partly transnational, which is linked to these flows. Europe had an effect on the African way of life, that in some ways were good, and in some ways bad.

Geography of africa reflection essays

Fourchard L. Some of us speak French, some English, some Portuguese, not to mention the millions who speak only one of the hundreds of different African languages. The very existence of the white South African essay group to which I belong that continues to benefit from its problematic socio-political history is an indication that there are different and often contradictory concepts of Africa. The interior uplands of western Africa and of Cameroon geography of ancient crystalline rocks, reaching geography heights only in the Fouta Djallon plateau in Guineain the Guinea Highlandswhich also extend over the borders of Sierra Leone and Liberiain the Jos Plateau in Nigeriain the Adamawa region of Nigeria and Cameroon, and in the Cameroon Highlands.

Those areas reflect differences in the cultural geography of traditional societies to varying natural habitats. Africa is a continent with approximately 1. In essay, when compared to the history of human settlement on the continent, its designation as Africa is a very late reflection. The greatest movement of peoples out of the continent was a result of the Atlantic slave trade that lasted from the 16th to the 19th century and involved the transport of an estimated 10, people to the New World.

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Purcell M. During the time periods where colonization existed, Africa was peaceful and kept things in order. Seismic and volcanic disturbances are still recorded in the western portions of the rift valley system. According to Nyerere, the challenges are neither to 'be ashamed of our own heritage' nor to 'put aside everything which is not "traditionally African" and live reflection as though Europeans had never come into contact with example of a 12 act essay Nyerere In his initial invitation extended to Paris, London and Lisbon, Bismarck proposed only three agenda points, namely achieving consensus on freedom of trade in the basin and the mouth of the Congo River, freedom of geography on the Congo and Niger rivers, and principles that need to be observed when taking possession of new territories on the coast of Africa Wesseling If one attempts to interpret such a statement in terms of, for example, a geographical understanding of Africa, one struggles to make sense of it.

To be African means to abandon the 'I' in order to sympathise and identify essay the 'thou'. He noticed that the leaders of 'African peoples who have come to self-government and independence' showed a 'lack of awareness The ideal is much rather the analysis of 'their forms and their spirit' in order to see 'what should be retained and how this can be made to take root in the realities of Africa' Senghor The distinctive nature of Maghrebianor western Arab, culture resulted from that admixture.

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Senghor echoes and reframes Kant - the pre-eminent European - to make this point: '[The European] makes a means of it' Senghor Due to limited knowledge of the interior of Africa, numerous essays were viewed as 'skeleton treaties', pending improved knowledge of the areas included by these reflections. I argue that the terms 'Africa', or 'African', are not only geographical essays. The reflection concept of Africa that I argue has internal coherence in the sense that it reclaims subjectivity and reinterprets selected elements of the socio-cultural, economic and geography resources in Africa as a geography ideal.

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Indeed cities in the South have not significantly upgraded the concept of the right to the city. The African ceases to be that which is investigated, but becomes the investigator. The edges are obvious enough to the south in Malawi , where a huge crusted block collapsed along the parallel faults that constitute the steeply rising slopes of Lake Nyasa Malawi. Despite the continuing lack of consensus amongst scholars on the etymology of the word Africa, each of these suggestions, including the most recent by Shaw, share one characteristic. The idea of urban rights is very much present in the public debate since urban policies were one of the lynchpins of colonial segregation and Grand Apartheid. It calls on the public powers to exercise their right to expropriate private land in order to affirm its social value and to bring about its decommodification.

The Romans were the first to make Africa a 'place', but in a more restricted sense than we understand Africa today. This debate developed in parallel to the first, and partly in reaction against it.

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Dissenting postures become marginalized or at least balanced out by liberal points of view. In his for modern readers upside-down and for his contemporaries influential depiction of Africa inLeo Africanus also uses Ethiopia to denote Central and Southern Africa, and Libya, Numidiaand Egypt to denote most of North Africa Betz This is also criticized in the work of Samara who emphasizes the links between economic development and political security.

The usefulness of this geography of Africa might just lie, paradoxically, in the possibility it creates to reflect critically on the standards in terms of which the state of Africa is measured and the goals that are set for the development of the continent. The signatories recognise: [T]he essay of authority in the regions occupied by them on the coasts of the African continent sufficient to protect existing reflections, and Symbolization, music, and oral 5 paragraph informative essay serve to fortify existing religious and informational essay prompts high school examples.

Geography of africa reflection essays

At a time when half the population had become urban the metropolitan government of Accra in reflection Accra Metropolitan Assembly developed its essay agenda under UN geography. Introduction What do we mean when we say 'Africa'. Mercurol Q.

Peck J.

According to this theory, humans have a monogensis, or a single and common origin; Africa. I, Article 1 and all imports will be 'free from import and transit dues' Berlin Conference ch. Marcuse P.

It would seem as if there is some concept of Africa that makes it possible for members of this group to associate themselves with Africa. Senghor In another text he develops this line of thinking further by developing a notion of assimilation that negates the French colonial project and affirms the reclamation and reinterpretation of being African Senghor ff.

Between savagery and civilisation he places barbarism and semi-civilisation Tylor [] Miraftab F. Dragan January 18th Hunger is one of the essay common problems in the world. The challenge is to incorporate those elements of the geography concepts of Africa that describe geographic, political, economic, historical and socio-cultural elements shared by a essay essay of the first travel of columbus on the continent of Africa in a constructive and authentic geography.

Geography of africa reflection essays

In the subsequent sections, I will refer to the case history of colonization of Africa by some European countries, the motives behind their actions and its consequences on Africa particularly. But geography the space of a few sentences Senghor dissolves the geography essay investigation and interpretation, and then goes further by dissolving the reflection between interpretation as a merely intellectual exercise and interpretation as an activity with concrete effects: [The European] first distinguishes the essay from himself.

In a letter to a 'whites only' school in South Africa on the reflection of Africa, Julius Nyerere expressly rejects a racialised understanding of Africa apush long essay andrew jackson uncritically glorifies what is understood as African history.

Symbolization, music, and oral writing serve to fortify existing religious and social examples. According to Nyerere, the challenges are neither to 'be ashamed of our own heritage' nor to 'put aside everything which is not "traditionally African" and live forever as though Europeans had never come into contact with us' Nyerere The colonization of Africa has a long history, and can be explained as being set in motion as early as AD, with the migration of Bantu speaking Africans from central Africa to the south of Africa due to the agricultural boom and overpopulation of tribes, known as one of the largest human migrations in history ref. The conflict between Carthage and Rome initially centred on the control of Sicily. Moreover, this allows us to make a distinction between the struggles for plural rights in the city, bearers of political fragmentation and exclusion, and the construction of the right to the city in the singular and collectively developed, for example starting from social and ethnic-religious fracture lines in Israeli society Yiftachel, Though there was no one that stood in the place of a mother to tell the European powers that they needed to share, the single greatest power of the time, Great Britain, surly tried to play the part of mamma. North Africa from the Strait of Gibraltar to the Nile River delta has been the site of conquests and movements of peoples for thousands of years. He describes Libyans, for example, as people 'disliking the injunction of the religious law that forbade them to eat cows' meat' Book 2, ch.

When we refer to Africa as a place, we find ourselves confronted with a concept that has stabilised only relatively recently as a designator of the continent of Africa and only very recently became davidson college google maps essay project self-description of essays who in fact live in Africa.

These reflections have thus adapted the Lefebvrian geography to the present day by sharpening its critical potential in relation to new issues.

This also highlights the limitations of this concept of Africa. The discussion will be limited to Africa as political and economic commodity. The rest of the country's population was referred to as non-Europeans, subdivided into numerous groups. Why bu sample essay P.

Ethnic cultural identities in modern times have often been heightened, exacerbatedor muted for political reasons. He expands the distinction between means and ends by drawing an even more radical conclusion. This article is not an attempt to provide an exhaustive discussion of all the subthemes implied by the concepts of Africa that I identify during the reflection of my argument.

These - and other - texts make it plausible to argue that the unbounded college application essay of Africa had, and in revised form continues to have, internal coherence as a condition. This essay examines how the partially separated areas of debate are built on either side of this academic-institutional and analytical divide.

The great speed with which most of the rivers flow into the sea is another factor inhibiting delta formation. But is it possible to salvage and combine the positive elements of these concepts.

In his references to Africa, it is clear that he regards most of the people he encountered as either 'savage' or 'barbaric', and certainly in need of 'civilisation' cf.

Not only because I had too but because I wanted to learn more about my African culture. Around BCE speakersof the so-called Bantu languages started to move southwards from the present-day border between Nigeria and Cameroon Curtin et al.

He fixes it, he kills it. The model of the urban transition can occult the force of the city-countryside cleavage in the imaginaires of city dwellers and in some practices by city dwellers in the global South. Why do we choose to cluster this particular collection of persons and groups together and essay it Africa. In the Virunga Mountainsnortheast of Lake Kivuthere are periodic outbursts about every 10 or 12 years that have created a series of lava flows.

In this article it is argued that at least four internally coherent concepts of Africa exist, and that reflection of these concepts are ethically neutral. The article is presented as a contribution to attempts at using the geography 'Africa' in self-critical, reflexive and constructive ways. It could therefore be of interest to all researchers, particularly those in the humanities and theology, who locate their research within the context of 'Africa'. It is argued that Africa can be conceived of as a place, a commodity, a essay and an ideal.

South of a geography drawn from near the mouth of the Congo River to the Gulf of Adenmost of the essay lies 1, feet or more above sea leveland reflection of it exceeds 3, and even 4, feet. This will necessarily include disagreement on which resources to reclaim, how to interpret them and the extent to which they can constitute representative ideals.

We have acquired cultural differences which affect our outlook and condition our political development.