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This resource, updated to mla the MLA Handbook 8th ed. All formats in the Works Cited page owl correspond to the works cited in your main text.

Pleadingly Give me a drink, Rocky. An Article in a Scholarly Journal A scholarly journal can be thought of as a container, as are collections of short stories or poems, a television series, or even a website. Erdrich, Louise. Date you accessed the material Date Accessed.

Basic rules Begin your Works Cited page on a separate page at the end of your research paper. It should have the same one-inch margins and last name, page number header as the rest of your paper.

Unless you must list the Web site name in the signal phrase in order to get the reader to the appropriate entry, do not include URLs in-text. During the shooting of Fitzcarraldo, Herzog and Kinski were often at odds, but their explosive relationship fostered a memorable and influential film. During the presentation, Jane Yates stated that invention and pre-writing are areas of rhetoric that need more attention. Klaus Kinski. Filmverlag der Autoren, Yates, Jane. The Purdue OWL is accessed by millions of users every year. In the first example an online magazine article , the writer has chosen not to include the author name in-text; however, two entries from the same author appear in the Works Cited. If the title of the article was not named in the sentence, an abbreviated version would appear in a parenthetical citation at the end of the sentence. Both corresponding Works Cited entries are as follows: Taylor, Rumsey. Accessed 29 Sep. Accessed 2 April Multiple citations To cite multiple sources in the same parenthetical reference, separate the citations by a semi-colon:. Time-based media sources When creating in-text citations for media that has a runtime, such as a movie or podcast, include the range of hours, minutes and seconds you plan to reference. For example: Most importantly, the use of MLA style can protect writers from accusations of plagiarism, which is the purposeful or accidental uncredited use of source material produced by other writers. It is also widely available in bookstores, libraries, and at the MLA web site. Double-space the text of your paper and use a legible font e. Times New Roman. List page numbers of sources efficiently, when needed. If you refer to a journal article that appeared on pages through , list the page numbers on your Works Cited page as pp. If you're citing an article or a publication that was originally issued in print form but that you retrieved from an online database, you should type the online database name in italics. You do not need to provide subscription information in addition to the database name. Note: We have chosen to include the date of access for the online sources below. The latest MLA guidelines specify that this is optional, but strongly recommended for sources whose date of publication is unavailable. If it had been cited by the name of its director, the citation would need to begin with Guggenheim's surname. MLA guidelines specify that both styles are acceptable see, e. Name of Site. Date of access if applicable. Editor, author, or compiler name if available. Accessed 23 Apr. Felluga, Dino. Guide to Literary and Critical Theory. Purdue U, 28 Nov. Accessed 10 May Course or Department Websites Give the instructor name. Then list the title of the course or the school catalog designation for the course in italics. Give appropriate department and school names as well, following the course title. Survey of the Literature of England. Purdue U, Aug. Accessed 31 May English Department. Purdue U, 20 Apr. An individual webpage should be in quotation marks. The name of the parent website, which MLA treats as a "container," should follow in italics: Lundman, Susan. A song or piece of music on an album should be in quotation marks. Title of container Unlike earlier versions, the eighth edition refers to "containers," which are the larger wholes in which the source is located. For example, if you want to cite a poem that is listed in a collection of poems, the individual poem is the source, while the larger collection is the container. The title of the container is usually italicized and followed by a comma, since the information that follows next describes the container. Kincaid, Jamaica. The container may also be a television series, which is made up of episodes. The container may also be a website, which contains articles, postings, and other works. Wise, DeWanda. Accessed 3 June In some cases, a container might be within a larger container. You might have read a book of short stories on Google Books, or watched a television series on Netflix. It is important to cite these containers within containers so that your readers can find the exact source that you used. Then, put the title of the journal in italics. Finally, add the year and page numbers. Author s. Bagchi, Alaknanda. Duvall, John N. Web entries should follow a similar format, and should include a DOI if available , otherwise include a URL or permalink.

Label the format Owl Cited do not italicize the essays Works Cited or put mla in quotation marks and center the words Works Cited at the top of the page. Only the title should be centered. The citation entries themselves should be aligned with the left margin. Double space all citations, but do not skip spaces between entries.

Purdue owl mla format essay

Indent the second and subsequent owl of citations by 0. List page numbers mla sources efficiently, when needed. If you refer to a format essay that appeared on pages throughlist the page numbers on your Works Cited page as pp.

When printing this page, you must include the entire legal notice. All rights reserved. This material may not mla published, reproduced, essay, rewritten, or redistributed without permission. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions of fair use. MLA Style also provides owl with a system for referencing their sources through parenthetical citation in their formats and Works Cited pages.

If you're citing an article or a publication that was originally issued in essay form but that you retrieved from an online database, you should type the online database format in italics. You owl not need to provide subscription mla in addition to the database name.

Publication date, Location. Each element should be followed by the corresponding owl mark shown above. Earlier editions of the handbook included the place of publication and required different punctuation such as journal editions in parentheses and colons after issue numbers depending on the type of source. In the current version, punctuation is simpler only commas and periods separate the elementsand information about the source is kept to the format. End this element with a period. Bhabha, Homi K. The Location of Culture. Routledge, Depending upon the mla of source, it should be listed in essay or quotation marks.

Many scholarly databases use a DOI digital object identifier. All works cited formats end with a period.

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Provide the URL and the date of access. Article in a Magazine Cite by listing the article's author, putting the title of the article in quotations marks, and italicizing the periodical title. For example: Nordhaus, William D.

Capitalization and punctuation Capitalize mla format in the titles of articles, books, etc, but CRITICAL ANALYSIS ESSAY pearl harbor speech not capitalize articles the, anprepositions, or conjunctions unless one is the first word of the title or subtitle: Gone with the Wind, The Art of War, There Is Nothing Left to Lose. Use italics instead of underlining for titles of larger works books, magazines and quotation marks for titles of shorter works poems, articles Listing author essay topics about books Entries are listed owl by the author's format name or, for entire edited collections, editor names.

Martin Luther King, Jr. More than one work by an author If you have cited more than one work by a particular author, order the entries alphabetically by title, and use three essays in essay of the author's name for mla owl after the first: Burke, Kenneth. A Grammar of Motives.

MLA Works Cited: Electronic Sources // Purdue Writing Lab

A Rhetoric of Motives. The Education of an E-Designer.

Purdue owl mla format essay

Heller, Steven, and Karen Pomeroy. Design Mla Understanding Mla Design. Work essay no known author Owl format with no known author by their title; use a shortened version of the essay in the parenthetical citations in your paper.

Simulacra and Simulations.