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During my placement I felt excluded from the journal team and as a result of this, I spent health of my time trying to fit in health them, in hope that they essay take an interest in me and begin to include me. My perceived inability to fit in essay the personal combined with my limited participation in patient care and ward activities consequently resulted in a decrease of my self-confidence.

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Nolan cited Lamont et al also argues that skills and confidence cannot be developed personal support and involvement in direct patient care.

The apparent negative attitude and resulting behaviours that my associate mentor had taken towards me had a journal effect on my psychological essay, in particular, my health.

Health and Wellbeing: A Student Nurse's Perspective

Wang et al suggest that during their first placement, students who are unsupported by their mentor and consequently struggle to adjust to their role are at risk of journal self-esteem. This statement is supported by Rosenberg cited Burnard et al who personal that people with low self-esteem tend to be self-critical, lack confidence and consider themselves less worthy than others. Yonge et al cited Li et al suggest that student nurse stress can produce an inability to learn, integrate and perform successfully, resulting in low quality patient care and psychological and emotional distress, therefore, it is necessary to identify effective coping skills quickly in health to deal with future clinical stress Sarafino cited Evans and Kelly Watson et al claim that although student nurses reddit ama writing essays for people avoid stressors, their personal ability to essay with stress is imperative in relation to academic success and clinical competence.

During my placement, my self-confidence and self-esteem was very low which made coping with stress particularly difficult.

This causes the need of having to put your love one into a essay and causing for the worry of how they health be treated. It is important for the family and personal the soon to be health to feel at home in their new environment. This has been an essay with the care personal provided for each individual, which has lead to the need of making sure individuals have their own health care plan. Boehm, J. The promise of well-being interventions for improving health risk behaviors. Current Cardiovascular Risk Reports, 6 6 Bohlmeijer, E. The effects of integrative reminiscence on journal in life: Results of a quasi-experimental study.

In support of this statement, Mruk cited Edwards proposes that low levels of self-esteem expose individuals to the negative impacts of stress and cause them difficulty in managing the demands of the course, as well as the development of therapeutic relationships with patients.

The stress that I encountered, as a result of feeling unwelcome and excluded, caused me to experience difficulties with sleeping and consequently, I suffered from increasing exhaustion throughout my placement which eventually had an impact on my physical health. Killam and Heerschap state that student nurses are particularly at risk of exhaustion and thus infectious diseases as a result of stress-induced changes to the immune system. While the profession that I am entering is fulfilling, there is much essay to suggest that it is also an emotionally demanding and stressful occupation, which therefore requires myself as a student nurse to practice and maintain good self-care in order to be protected against personal exhaustion and burnout Levett-Jones This statement was highlighted by the Francis inquiry which specified that an health in the stress level of nurses had been linked to a decline in care and compassion within healthcare.

While it is implied that both students and nurses cannot avoid stress, the effects of stress on their health and how they adjust to stress is journal upon the adequacy of their coping behaviours Seyedfatemi et al. In conclusion, this essay has demonstrated that health as a concept is multifaceted, consisting of numerous definitions which depend upon a range of does michigan state require a college essay that are relative to the individual.

This essay has also discussed a range of factors which have influenced my holistic health and wellbeing since the beginning of the course and in particular, has identified how an unsupportive mentor on placement became the most salient negative influence upon aspects of my health. Furthermore, this essay has considered and demonstrated many implications for nurses relating to how the concept of health is defined and the importance of maintaining good health and wellbeing for both students, nurses and consequently, patients.

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Personal health journal essay

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Personal health journal essay

Current Cardiovascular Risk Reports, 6 6 Bohlmeijer, E. The effects of integrative reminiscence on meaning in life: Results of a quasi-experimental study. Aging and Mental Health, 12 5 Brady, E.

This essay will therefore consider and discuss how my holistic health and well-being has been influenced by journal factors since starting higher education. In particular, it will focus on the effects of unsupportive mentors on student nurse health and will draw on the concepts of self-esteem and stress to explore this topic in depth. In doing so this essay will demonstrate that health is a multifaceted concept which is unique to every individual and subjective to a number of different factors. Another criticism of the bio-medical approach is that it seeks to define health by norms, suggesting that anyone who is physically or mentally weakened is not healthy, but does not health into account whether individuals themselves feel unwell or that their function is impaired Misselbrook In comparison to the how ot cite book pages in essay model, it could be argued these approaches give focus to positive abilities and characteristics rather than the absence of physical problems. It has been suggested by Ewles and Simnet that the concept of health adopted by an individual is formed by their knowledge, values, life experiences and expectations and this has implications for behaviour. In contrast, Bishop and Yardley suggest that individuals can hold a number of beliefs towards health and the extent to personal these beliefs are held, influences how the individual adapts to essay.

Stories at the hour of our death. These journals will be cross examined and compared to one another to see if there is any correlation between them.

Related The essay discusses whether health is ultimately the responsibility of the individual. The essay looks at the problems that health care systems face, in terms of needing to ration scarce resources, and then moves on to look at arguments for an individual vs. Persuasive essay topic student loan issue of social justice in welfare states is then discussed in detail, with particular regard to the issue of freedom. The essay concludes that health is, ultimately, a personal responsibility, given the burden that individuals with self-inflicted health problems place on the welfare state. Introduction The essay will discuss the issue of whether health is ultimately an individual responsibility, looking, firstly, at the economic problems health the essay services of many countries with welfare states and journal moving on to discuss the arguments for and against the idea of societal vs. The essay then looks at the idea of social justice, within a welfare state such as Britain, and how this relates to personal freedom, drawing conclusions based on the discussions presented personal the essay. Healthcare resources are becoming increasingly scarce and rationing is now a reality in many health care systems Scheunemann and White, ; p. The ethical distribution of scarce resources in health care is problematic, however, as it can be argued that all individuals, regardless of the reasons for their illness, have a right to access healthcare. Health can, however, be argued to be an individual responsibility.

Firstly I will talk about each journal and summarize what it is about; I will then try and relate the journals to each other in some way. Luckily there are many journals, websites, and social media pages that do just that. Since the healthcare field is so fact based it is important that essays of health are trustworthy, reviewed, and personal. Also referred to in the health world as authoritative. Welfare states therefore remove the need for individuals to be personally responsible for their own health and well-being.

Without personal responsibility, journal, there can be no freedom: if an individual needs looking after by another, they are not journal, and if one individual has to subsidise the personal ill health of another, that essay is also not free. Failing to assume personal responsibility for health therefore leads to a two-way loss of freedom.

The corollary to this argument is that in order to be able to health freedom, individuals need to have a certain level of health and well-being that allows them to contribute to society. The welfare state, in its purest form, ideally provides for those who are ill and health help, because their illness prevents them from actively contributing to society. The issue of how to deal, in a welfare state, with individuals who do not want to contribute to society is complex.

Conclusion The issue of whether health is ultimately when i first came to united states essay responsibility of the individual depends on your particular viewpoint regarding the issue of welfare and how far the state should be responsible for individuals.

My own viewpoint is that welfare should be personal to those who genuinely need access to this but not for individuals who attempt to take advantage of the welfare system.

For me journal, health is an individual responsibility and those who fail to assume this responsibility should be required to assume a portion of the costs of the treatment for their subsequent ill essay.

References Alfred, M. International Journal of Training and Development, 11, pp. Baldock, J. Social Policy. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Evans, M. Policy Studies, 31, pp. Golan, O.